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Law firms today face many challenges and missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys. They need to ensure compliance, collaborate within and outside their organization, and securely protect their client’s confidentiality. New Level Technology’s solutions below help law firms to succeed in today’s complex environment.

Cloud Suite for the Modern Law Firm

Together, LawToolBox365, Rmail® 365 and Microsoft Office365 provide an integrated suite of leading cloud-based compliance, productivity and security solutions to enable the modern law firm to become more efficient and grow their business.

This customized legal solution enables firms to calculate, access and share deadlines from anywhere, anytime. Court rule changes automatically notify and update users to manage risk and avoid missed deadlines. Collaborate efficiently on matters with colleagues, share secure documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.


LawToolBox365 allows legal professionals to manage deadlines from beginning to end without ever leaving their Outlook Inbox.

LawToolBox365 provides attorneys and staff the ability to instantly calculate, manage and share deadlines internally as well as with their extended team of experts, co-counsel and clients.

RMail® Encryption

RMail® empowers attorneys and other legal professionals to maintain client privilege and confidentiality through email encryption while delivering documents instantly and securely, with time-stamped proof of delivery.

As an Outlook add-in, RMail® adds email open tracking visibility, court admissible time-stamped evidence of email content delivered, secure and certified large file transfer, legal electronic signatures, and more.

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365, lawyers can be more competitive with solutions that help reduce overhead, increase billable hours, enhance productivity, and give them the ability to work anywhere at any time.

When legal professionals are more efficient they can increase the time they spend with their clients resulting in more billing and positive client referrals.

Dropbox Business Collaboration

Dropbox Business is a powerful cloud-based collaboration platform layered with robust admin features allowing law firms to securely access and share their most important business files. Millions of users trust Dropbox to reliably sync and store their data across devices, so they can stay productive anytime, anywhere.

Many law firms have lawyers working in different states and cities. Having documents stored securely in the cloud makes them accessible from anywhere, on multiple devices, by all members of the team. Lawyers have immediate access to all of their files and Dropbox allows for quick, on the fly edits that can be shared in real-time.

Acronis Backup Cloud

Law firms increasingly rely on technology, and an IT disruption even for a few hours can result in the loss of billable time, regulatory non-compliance penalties, a security breach, or worse. Acronis provides backup, disaster recovery and secure data access for SMBs and enterprise clients in real-time with the ability to access files anytime, for example the need to backup and access important documents during a trial.

Protecting a law firm’s data and ensuring business continuity is critical to their continued success. Acronis provides secure and cost-effective data protection solutions, protecting every aspect of IT operations in an organization, without putting extra strain on limited IT resources or budgets.

Trend Micro Cloud-Based Security

In law firms where multi-platform technologies and mobile devices have become commonplace, the potential risk of suffering a data breach has increased exponentially. By deploying Trend Micro’s solution(s), legal companies can better protect their infrastructure from cybercriminals while allowing the secured exchange of information between partners, clients and other authorized parties.

Trend Micro enables you to embrace the efficiency of cloud services while maintaining security. Not only does Trend Micro protect the end point but also helps secure the applications itself, for example Office 365, LawToolBox and RMail to provide ultimate peace of mind.

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