As a business, you have an increasing responsibility to your clients and employees to protect their sensitive and personal information. As cyber threats and government regulations continue to gain momentum, the implementation and maintenance of an effective security program is critical and no longer an option to your business’s long term stability and overall success.

There are many ways cyber criminals can victimize your business, scam your customers and hurt your reputation. Businesses of all sizes should be aware of the most common scams perpetrated online.

Network Security

Securing your company’s network consists of
1 – Identifying all devices and connections on the network;
2 – Setting boundaries between your company’s systems and others
3 – Enforcing controls to ensure that unauthorized access, misuse, or denial-of-service events can be thwarted or rapidly contained and recovered from if they do occur.

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Email Security

Email has become a critical part of our everyday business, from internal management to direct customer support.The benefits associated with email as a primary business tool far outweigh the negatives. However, businesses mustbe mindful that a successful email platform starts with basic principles of email security to ensure the privacy andprotection of customer and business information.

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Understanding today’s
cyber threats and terminology
is half the battle. 

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Mobile Device Security

If your company uses mobile devices to conduct company business, such as accessing company email or sensitive data, pay close attention to mobile security and the potential threats that can expose and compromise your over all business networks. Data loss and data breaches caused by lost or stolen phones create big challenges, as mobile devices are now used to store confidential business information and access the corporate network. According to a December 2010 Symantec mobile security survey, 68 percent of respondents ranked loss or theft as their top mobile-device security concern,while 56 percent said mobile malware is their number two concern. It is important to remember that while the individual employee may be liable for a device, the company is still liable for the data.

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Website Security

Website security is more important than ever. Web servers, which host the data and other content available to your customers on the Internet, are often the most targeted and attacked components of a company’s network. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for improperly secured websites to attack, while many customers say website security is a top consideration when they choose to shop online. As a result, it is essential to secure servers and the network infrastructure that supports them. The consequences of a security breach are great: loss of revenues, damage to credibility, legal liability and loss of customer trust.

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